The Present and the Future

The Philosophy Department currently has around twenty faculty and forty-five graduate students, it graduates between twenty and thirty undergraduate majors each year, and each year it places a significant number of its new PhDs in tenure-track positions at universities world-wide. There are rich course offerings for undergraduate and graduate students, and a wide variety of lectures and seminars open to anyone interested. The achievements of members of the Department are a matter of record, but serious challenges remain. One of the main challenges, one faced by analytic philosophy departments everywhere, is to increase the number of women and minorities at all levels. The Department funds more than one initiative on this front, and more are planned. Though it is difficult to predict the future, some sense of what the Department will be like in ten or twenty years time can be gleaned by looking at the websites of the younger members of the tenured faculty: (see photo to the right): Adam Elga, Hans Halvorson, Elizabeth Harman, Des Hogan, Thomas Kelly, Boris Kment, Sarah-Jane Leslie, Hendrik Lorenz, Lara Buchak, Sarah McGrath, Benjamin Morison, and Gideon Rosen.