Climate & Inclusion Committee

The Department of Philosophy is committed to creating an environment in which all feel welcome, respected, valued and supported.  We are especially committed to welcoming those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in academia in general and philosophy in particular.

The Climate and Inclusion Committee exists to strengthen those commitments by providing a forum in which issues surrounding climate, inclusion, equity and diversity within our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and programs can be raised and discussed, as well as to identify, oversee and review initiatives and actions that can be undertaken to promote diversity within our community and to eliminate discrimination in any form.

Committee meetings are open to all members of the Department of Philosophy. Please contact Committee Chair Boris Kment or Department Chair Ben Morison if there is an item you would like to add to the committee’s agenda.

Climate & Inclusion Committee meetings take place on a monthly basis. 

The Climate & Inclusion Committee is planning to hold a Zoom “focus group” meeting about strategies for addressing climate issues that affect the Department of Philosophy on Monday, May 8th, 4:00pm – 5:00pm. While all members of the philosophy department are invited to attend, the committee is particularly interested in hearing from women and members of underrepresented minorities. If you would like to attend the meeting but have not received the meeting/Zoom details, please email Committee Chair Boris Kment.


Ex Officio Committee Members

Benjamin Morison
Department Chair
Boris Kment
Committee Chair (Spring 2024)
Hendrik Lorenz
Director of Graduate Studies
Committee Chair (Fall 2023)
John Colin Bradley
Graduate Student Representative
Ian McKeachie
Graduate Student Representative
Gabriel Broughton
M.A.P. Representative
David Veldran
Undergraduate (Senior) Student Representative
(2022 – 2023)