Gilbert Harman retires

Gilbert Harman, first appointed in the Department of Philosophy at Princeton as Instructor in 1964-5, retired at the end of AY2016-17 as James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy. To mark the occasion, his former student Brett Sherman, currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rochester, contributed the following sonnet:

A curious advisor did I face,
Both formal and informal was his style;
His office in a time that is a place,
A jacket, tie, and sneakers all the while.
But stranger still was what I could not find:
No moral absolutes to guide my way,
No norms of logic governing my mind,
What best explains my thinking I should stay?
No premises of reasoning to use,
No analytic truths on which to press,
I somehow found a way to pay my dues,
My thought has shifted to a new address.
A change in view accompanies my fare,
So jacket, tie, and sneakers shall I wear.

On behalf of everyone associated with the Philosophy Department, we wish Gil the very best for his retirement.

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Gilbert Harman