Mark Johnston wins Behrman Award.

Mark Johnston has been named one of the recipients of this year’s Howard T. Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities. The previous awardees who were members of the Philosophy Department are:

G. Vlastos (1975-6), 
T. S. Kuhn (1976-7)
S. A. Kripke (1987-8)
D. Lewis (1990-1)
Μ. D. Wilson (1993-4)
B. Van Fraassen (1994-5) 
A. Nehamas (1998-9)
P. Benacerraf (1999-2000)
J. M. Cooper (2003-4)
G. H. Harman (2008-9)
K. Anthony Appiah (2009-10)

A complete list of awardees can be found here.

Featured Image: 
Mark Johnston