Humanities Council Lectures

Each year, the Humanities Council sponsors short and long term visits to the University by distinguished writers, artists and scholars. Long term fellows spend a semester at Princeton, teaching one course. Short term fellows spend an intensive three-to-five day period with the nominating department, giving lectures and /or participating in seminars and informal discussions.

Faculty and graduate students in the Department of Philosophy request candidates for nomination as short and long term fellows and the department's final nominations are submitted to the Humanities Council by the Department Chair. 

Over the years, the Humanities Council has sponsored a number of prominent philosophers as short and long term fellows to the Department of Philosophy.

Upcoming Council of Humanities Lectures

No upcoming events found.

Past Council of Humanities Visiting Fellows

Andrew Huddleston (Univ. of Warwick)

Jose Medina (Northwestern)
Miranda Fricker (CUNY)
Miriam Schoenfield (UT-Austin)
Vincenzo DeRizi (CNRS, France)

Rachel Barney (Univ. of Toronto)

Sara Magrin (UC-Berkeley)

André Laks (Universidad Panamericana)
Jeff McMahan (Univ. of Oxford)
Ralph Wedgwood (USC)

Katja Vogt (Columbia University)
Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto)

Paul Bloom (Yale University)
Jonathan Dancy (UT-Austin)
Mary Margaret McCabe (King's College)
Marilyn McCord Adams (Australian Catholic University, Rutgers University)