Fall '21 Courses (Tentative)

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 516/HOS 593 Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Garber TBD TBD
PHI 519 Normative Ethics: Frick (with Rutgers) TBD TBD
PHI 525 Ethics: Moral Philosophy Fricker/McGeer TBD TBD
PHI 534 Philosophy of Language: Stojnic (with Rutgers) TBD TBD
PHI 536 Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematical Rigor Burgess/Di Toffoli TBD TBD
PHI 540 Metaphysics: Time Builes TBD TBD
PHI 550 First-Year Graduate Seminar: McGrath TBD TBD
PHI 599 Dissertion Seminar Elga TBD TBD
POL 518 / PHI 529 Political Philosophy Pettit TBD TBD

Date of Update: 2/25/2021