Fall '15 / Spring '16

Fall 2015

Course ID Course Title Professor
501/CLA 519 The Philosophy of Aristotle: Value, Motivation, and Agency in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Vogt
516 Special Topics in the History of Phil: Leibniz Garber
519/CHV 519 Normative Ethics: Ethics and the Future Frick & Rosen
534/LIN 534 Philosophy of Language: Central Readings in the Philosophy of Language Fara
PHI 540 Metaphysics: Physicalism Kment & Dasgupta
PHI 550 First Year Graduate Seminar: Classics of the 20th Century Kelly
PHI 599 Dissertation Seminar Smith

Spring 2016

Course ID Course Title Professor
501/CLA 519/HLS 508 The Philosophy of Aristotle: De Anima Book II Lorenz & Morison
510/COM 510 German Philosophy since Kant: Heidegger G. Harman & Nehamas
513 Topics in Recent & Contemporary Philosophy: Bias and Objectivity Kelly & McGrath
524 Systematic Ethics: Selected Topics in Ethical Theory Hurka
535 Philosophy of Mind: Fragmentation of Mind Elga
538 The Philosophy of Physics: Philosophical Issues About Time and Space Halvorson & Hogan
PHI 599 Dissertation Seminar Leslie
POL 518/PHI 529 Political Philosophy: Problems in Contemporary Political Theory Macedo