Fall 2016

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time
PHI 500/CLA 510/HLS 503 The Philosophy of Plato: Plato’s theory of Political Expertise in the Statesman Lorenz Fridays 10am-12:50pm
PHI 511 Pre-Kantian Rationalism: Descartes Garber Tuesdays 12n-2:50pm
PHI 513 Topics in Recent and Contemporary Philosophy: Rationality Kelly Wednesdays 10am12:50pm
PHI 535 Philosophy of Mind: Recent Work on the MindBody Problem Burgess Mondays 9am-11:50am
PHI 550 First Year Graduate Seminar: Analytic Philosophy McGrath Thursdays 10am-12n
PHI 599 Dissertation Seminar Kment Fridays 1pm-3pm
CHV 523/PHI 517 Consequentialism Singer

Tuesdays 9am-11:50am; 106
Ivy Lane

POL 518/PHI 529 Political Philosophy: The Problems of Political Philosophy Pettit Tuesdays 3:30-6:30pm; 301