Spring '20 Courses

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 505/EAS 505 History of Chinese Philosophy: Neo-Confucianism Lederman M 3:00pm-5:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 511 Pre-Kantian Rationalism: Spinoza Garber T 9:30am-12:20pm 201 Marx
PHI 515/HLS 532 Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Galen Morison F 10:00am-12:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 516/REL 516/GER 566 Special Topics in History of Philosophy: Knowledge and Belief in Kant, Fichte, Hegel Chignell Th 1:30pm-4:20pm 201 Marx
PHI 519/CHV 519 Normative Ethics: Relational & Non-Relational Normativity Frick F 1:00pm-3:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 524 Systematic Ethics: Metaethics McGrath T 12:30pm-3:20pm 201 Marx
PHI 539 Theory of Knowledge: Bias and Objectivity Kelly W 10:00am-12:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 540 Metaphysics: Knowledge, Reality, and the Mind Helton/Johnston W 1:00pm-3:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 599 Dissertation Seminar McGrath M 11:00am-1:00pm 201 Marx
PHI Cross-listed Courses        
POL 507/CLA 507/PHI 507/HLS 507 Topics in Plato: Plato’s Statesman (Half-term course 3/25/30 - 4/29/20) Lane W 9:00am–11:50am 301 Marx
CLA 526/HLS 527/PHI 522 Problems in Greek and Roman Philosophy: Late Antique Receptions of Plato's Phaedrus Ahbel-Rappe T 9:00am–11:50am 161 East Pyne
POL 563/PHI 526 Philosophy of Law George W 1:30pm-4:30pm Bobst 105

Date of Update: 2/12/20