Fall '19 Courses

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 500/CLA 555 The Philosophy of Plato: Plato's Republic: a Second Reading Barney W 1:30pm-4:20pm 201 Marx
PH 501/CLA 519/HLS 508 The Philosophy of Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics Book VII Lorenz M 10:00am-12:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 510/COM 510 German Philosophy since Kant: Schopenhauer Hogan F 1:00pm-3:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 516/COM 512 Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil Nehamas T 12:00noon - 2:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 525 Ethics: Moral Philosophy Harman Th 1:30pm-4:20pm 201 Marx
PHI 536 Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematical Structuralism Burgess F 10:00am-12:50pm 201 Marx
PHI 540 Metaphysics: Formal Methods in Metaphysics Halvorson/Kment M 1:30pm-4:20pm 201 Marx
PHI 550 First Year Grad Seminar: Topics in Analytic Philosophy Elga Th 9:30am-11:30am 201 Marx
PHI 599 Dissertation Seminar McGrath W 11:00am-1:00pm 201 Marx
POL 518/PHI 529 Political Philosophy: Respect, Equality, and Justice Pettit T 3:30pm – 6:20pm 301 Marx
Date of Update: 4/11/19