Placement Record

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Date of Update: 6/11/18

We list below the initial appointments and employment histories of all our recent Ph.Ds. We give no warrant that the information is either complete or accurate, but we have done our best to make it so.

Entries are collected by the year in which the Ph.D. was awarded; in some cases some appointment(s) listed preceded the award of the degree.

Thesis titles are listed in uppercase letters; titles in quotation marks are of job talks given by job seekers and are listed for those who have not yet received the Ph.D.

TT - tenure-track position


  1. Atiq, Emad. PRACTICAL WISDOM & META-NORMATIVE REFLECTION: ESSAYS ON MORALNAD LEGAL NORMATIVITY. Cornell University, joint appointment Law School & Sage School of Philosophy, TT.
  2. Barrett, Thomas.  ON THE STRUCTURE AND EQUIVALENCE OF THEORIES. NYU Bersoff Fellowship, 2017-18 (renewable); University of California, Santa Barbara, TT, July 2018.
  3. Cristy, Rachel.  THE WILL TO TRUTH AND THE WILL TO BELIEVE: FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE AND WILLIAM JAMES AGAINST SCIENTISM.  Princeton University, Postgraduate Research Associate, Spring 2018; University of Toronto Centre for Ethics, one-year Postdoc.
  4. Hirsch, Robert.  FROM REPRESENTATION TO REALITY: ESSAYS ON THE NATURE OF SCIENTIFIC EXEGESIS.  Princeton University, 1-year Postgraduate Research Associate; left profession.
  5. Hubble, Eric.  HOW TO BE AN ETHICAL NON-COGNITIVIST.  Princeton University, Postgraduate Research Associate, Spring 2018.
  6. Kilbride, Madison. “ETHICAL ISSUES IN GENETIC TESTING." UPenn Fellowship in Advanced Biomedical Ethics, term: 2-3 years.
  7. Lerner, Adam.  EMPATHIC CONCERN, MORAL EPISTEMOLOGY, AND MORAL PROGRESS.  Princeton University, Postgraduate Research Associate, Spring 2018; Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, New York University (Center for Bioethics), Fall 2018, term: 3 years.
  8. Nichols, Cory. NEW WORK ON THE OLD WORLD ORDER. Princeton University, 1-year Lecturer; extended for 1 year; Princeton University Lecturer, 2017-2018.
  9. Romagni, Domenica. “Theoretical Virtues in the 17th Century: Kepler and Mersenne’s Competing Theories of Consonance.”  Colorado State University, TT.
  10. Stoll, Timothy.  SEMBLANCE AND AUTHENTICITY: NIETZSCHE ON THE USE AND MISUSE OF ILLUSION.  Princeton University, Postgraduate Research Associate, Spring 2018; Franklin & Marshall College, Visiting Assistant Professor.
  11. Tabris, Nathaniel.  REDUCTION AND IMAGES OF REALITY.  Princeton University, Postgraduate Research Associate, Spring 2018.


  1. Cross, Anthony. ART, VALUE, AND RELATIONSHIPS OF PARTIALITY. Texas State University, Full-time Lectureship.
  2. Dembroff, Robin.  CATEGORIES WE (AIM TO) LIVE BY.  Yale University, TT.
  3. Gease, Arlyss. A THEORY OF BLAME AND BLAMEWORTHINESS. Altman Vilandrie & Company (strategy consulting).
  4. Hirji, Sukaina.  VIRTUE, ACTIONS, AND ENDS IN ARISTOTLE'S ETHICS. Virginia Tech, TT.
  5. Isaacs, Yoaav. DECISION THEORY AND DEEP IGNORANCE. 2-year renewable PPE Post Doc, UNC, Chapel Hill; 2-year Post Doc, USC.
  6. Joshi, Hrishikesh. AVOIDING THE ONE THOUGHT TOO MANY: ESSAYS ON VIRTUOUS AGENCY. Princeton University, 1-year Postgraduate Research Associate; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 1-year (renewable).
  7. Krut-Landau, Raphael. SPINOZA ON BECOMING ETERNAL. University of Pennsylvania, Lecturer (2015-2017); University of Pennsylvania, Integrated Studies Program, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (2017-).
  8. Larsen, Kerstin.  PERSONAL IDENTITY: ASSESSING THE THEORETICAL LANDSCAPE.  Princeton University, Office of Development, Assistant Vice President for Development.
  9. McSweeney, Michaela. THE METAPHYSICAL BASIS OF LOGIC. Boston University, TT.
  10. Shogry, Simon. RATIONALITY IN ANCIENT STOIC PSYCHOLOGY. Princeton University, 1-year Postgraduate Research Associate; Tutorial Fellow of Brasenose College & Associate Professor in Ancient Philosophy, Oxford University, July 2017.
  11. Tsementzis, Dimitris. UNIVALENCE, FOUNDATIONS AND PHILOSOPHY WITH A SHEAF-SHAPED APPENDIX. Princeton University, Lecturer, Spring 2017; left profession.
  12. Wolt, Daniel. REASON IN ACTION: ACCOUNTABILITY, RATIONAL CONTROL, AND THE VOLUNTARY IN ARISTOTLE. 2-year Post Doc (renewable), University of Sao Paulo.


  1. Cullen, Simon. THE TRUE SELF AND THE SITUATION. Princeton University, 2-year Post-doc; Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton Neuroscience Institute (2017-2018); Assistant Professor (teaching), Carnegie Mellon University  (2018-).
  3. Wodak, Daniel.  ON THE VARIETIES OF NORMATIVITY.  Virginia Tech, TT.


  1. Atkins, Ashley. MODALITY AS A WINDOW INTO COGNITION. Simon Fraser University, 1-year Postdoc; Western Michigan University, TT.
  2. Brewer, Andrea. OBJECTS AND THEIR INSTANCES.  UCLA Lecturer: Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, AY 2013-14.
  3. Crager, Adam. META-LOGIC IN ARISTOTLE’S EPISTEMOLOGY. UCLA, Assistant Professor, TT.
  4. Maley, Corey. ON THE NATURE OF GUILT AND SHAME. University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1.5 year PostDoc; University of Kansas, TT.
  5. McDavid, Brennan. ARISTOTLE ON ETHICAL EPISTEMOLOGY. Ormond College, University of Melbourne, Seymour Reader.
  6. Schouten, Vanessa. EXPLAINING THE WRONG OF RAPE. Massey University (Albany, NZ), Lecturer, 3-year fixed term; permanent position as of Feb. 2017.
  7. Shiller, Derek. PROBABILITY: THE CONCEPT AND ITS RULES OF USE. University of Omaha, Nebraska, Visiting Assistant Professor; left profession.
  8. Swanson, Noel. MODULAR THEORY AND SPACETIME STRUCTURE IN QFT. University of Delaware, Assistant Professor, TT.


  1. Baker, Samuel. DEFINING THE HUMAN GOOD: ARISTOTLE'S ERGON ARGUMENT. UCLA, Lecturer, 2013-14; 9-month Post-Doc, Sorbonne; University of South Alabama, TT.
  2. Gadd, Nathan. FREE WILL AND ABILITIES. Law School; Paul, Weiss, Rikfind, Wharton & Garrison, (law firm, beginning September, 2015).
  3. Hershey, Josh. ENTROPY AND THE ASUMMETRY OF TIME. Kings College, NYC; 10-month renewable contract, Instructor; contract renewed through May, 2015; Assistant Professor, contract renewed through May 2020.
  4. Lin, Eden. THREE ESSAYS ON WELL-BEING. Rutgers (Newark) TT; Ohio State, TT.
  5. Lord, Errol. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING RATIONAL. Post-Doctoral Fellow in Love and Human Agency, 1 year; University of Penn, Assistant Professor, TT; University of Penn, Tenured Associate Professor, 7/1/2018.
  6. Maguire, Barry. VALUES, REASONS, & OUGHT. 1- or 2-year NYU Bersoff Fellowship; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Research Assistant Professor, renewable for up to 5 years; Stanford University, Assistant Professor, TT.
  7. Merino-Rajme, Carla. A QUANTUM THEORY OF FELT DURATION. 1-year NYU Bersoff Fellowship; Arizona State TT (beginning 2014); UNC Chapel Hill, TT (beginning September 2015).
  8. Nowakowski, David. PERSISTENCE AND INFERENCE IN CLASSICAL INDIAN PHILOSOPHY. Colby College, Visiting Assistant Professor, one-year; Union College, Visiting Assistant Professor, 3-year renewable term; Union College; TT effective September 2018.
  9. Primus, Kristin. CAUSAL INDEPENDENCE AND DIVINE SUPPORT IN SPINOZA AND LEIBNIZ. 2-year NYU Bersoff Fellowship (beginning September 2013); Georgetown assistant professor TT (beginning September 2015); Berkeley, TT.
  11. Segev, Mor. THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL RELIGION IN ARISTOTLE. University of South Florida, TT.
  13. Tilli, Cecilia. ON THE PLURALITY OF THOUGHT: BEYOND DUAL-SYSTEM VIEWS. Gateway College (NYC), Lecturer; Future of Humanity Institute (Oxford University), Academic Project Manager, Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology.
  14. Woods, Jack. ASPECTS OF CONSEQUENCE. Bilkent University, TT; University of Leeds, Academic Fellow in Mathematical Philosophy, TT.


  1. Birchall, Elizabeth Be. SOME CONNECTIONS BETWEEN REPRESENTATION, MOTIVATION AND REASONING. Employment situation unknown.
  2. Chappell, Richard Yetter. FITTING CONSEQUENTIALISM. University of Pennsylvania, 2-year bioethics post-doc; Assistant Professor TT, Bowling Green State University, Fall 2013-.; University of York, TT; University of Miami, TT.
  3. Gillon, Joshua. ON THE NATURE, INTERPRETATION, AND VALUE OF ARTWORKS. Siena College, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1 year; Temple University, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1 year; Susquehanna University, TT; National Director CACS (education consulting company, China).
  4. Herrick, Daniel. WHY ARISTOTLE'S METAPHYSICS INCLUDES A PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS. Calvin College, 1 year; extended for 2 years, TT, left profession.
  5. Huddleston, Andrew. NIETZSCHE ON THE DECADENCE AND FLOURISHING OF CULTURE. 2-year renewable Michael Cohen Career Development Fellowship in Philosophy, Exeter College, Oxford University; Birkbeck (University of London), Lecturer (continuing); Senior Lecturer (continuing).
  6. Kim, Su. A DEFENSE OF SEMANTIC MINIMALISM. Employment situation unknown.
  7. Martin, Jimmy.  “On the Mathematical Role of Impurity.”  Western Michigan University, Visiting Assistant Professor.
  8. Rachiele, Joe. "Is the World 'Holistic?'." Chapman University, TT.
  9. Villinger, Rahel. KANT'S THEORY OF INTUITION ON SINGULARITY AND UNITY. University of Basel, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, 2-years.
  10. Yetter-Chappell, Helen. PHENOMENAL CONCEPTS AND THE MIND-BODY PROBLEM. NYU, 1-year renewable Bersoff Fellowship; Bowling Green University, TT; University of York, TT; University of Miami, TT.


  1. Budolfson, Mark. COLLECTIVE ACTION, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND THE ETHICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF FUTILITY. Stanford Center for Ethics, postdoc 2 years; Princeton University WWS/UCHV, postdoc, 2 years; University of Vermont, TT.
  2. Cohoe, Caleb. THE HUMAN INTELLECT: ARISTOTLE'S CONCEPTION OF ΝΟΥΣ IN HIS DE ANIMA. Metropolitan State University of Denver, TT; Tenured.
  3. Cook, Ryan. "Aristotle on Psychic Subjecthood and Explanation." Central European University, Postdoctoral Fellow, September 2012 through August 2013.
  4. Gartner, Corinne. ARISTOTLE'S EUDEMIAN ACCOUNT OF FRIENDSHIP. Postdoctoral teaching fellowship (Introduction to the Humanities), Stanford University, 3 years; Wellesley College, Assistant Professor, TT; Tenured.
  5. Mackay, John. THE INTERACTION OF CONDITIONALS, MODALS, AND MOOD. University of Wisconsin-Madison, TT.


  1. Burra, Arudra. COERCION, DECEPTION, CONSENT: ESSAYS IN MORAL EXPLANATION. UCLA, Postdoctoral fellow, 2 years (Law & Philosophy); Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India, Visiting Associate Fellow, 6 months; Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Assistant Professor, Tenured.
  2. Koralus, Philipp. SEMANTICS IN PHILOSOPHY AND COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE. Fellow in the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (1 year); McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis (2 years); Fulford Clarendon University Lecturer and Fulford Tutorial Fellow, Fulford Clarendon Associate Professor in Philosophy of Mind, St. Catherine's College, Oxford (continuing or permanent).
  3. Mendelovici, Angela. MENTAL REPRESENTATION AND CLOSELY CONFLATED TOPICS. University of Western Ontario, TT; Australian National University, Postdoctoral fellow, January-July, 2011; January-July, 2012.
  4. Strabbing, Jada Twedt. MORAL RESPONSIBILITY: ATTRIBUTABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND CAPACITIES. Fordham University, TT; Wayne State University, Tenured.
  5. Wilburn, Joshua. THE ALLY OF REASON: PLATO ON THE SPIRITED PART OF THE SOUL. University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, TT; Wayne State University, TT; Tenured.


  1. Baker, Derek. AUTONOMY AND THE ORGANIZATION OF DESIRES. Lingnan University, Hong Kong, TT.
  2. Gordon, David A. TRUTH-CONDITIONALLY INERT ASPECTS OF CONTENT. Employment situation unknown.
  3. Johnstone, Mark. TRIPARTITION AND THE RULE OF THE SOUL IN PLATO'S REPUBLIC. McMaster University, Ontario, TT.
  4. Robinson, Ryan. "Ability and Possibility." East Tennessee State University, part-time adjunct instructor, 6 months.


  1. Baker, David John. AN ONTOLOGICAL STUDY OF QUANTUM FIELDS AND THEIR SYMMETRIES. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, TT.
  2. Buchak, Lara Marie. RISK AND RATIONALITY. University of California, Berkeley, TT.
  3. Lee, Yungwhan. ARISTOTLE AND DETERMINISM. Employment situation unknown.
  4. Maier, John Thomas. THE POSSIBILITY OF FREEDOM. University of Colorado, Boulder, 3 year appointment; Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University; University of Sydney, 2 year post-doc; University of Cambridge, 2-year post-doc.
  5. McPherson, Tristram Colin. FOR UNITY IN MORAL THEORIZING. University of Minnesota Duluth, TT; Virginia Tech, TT, Ohio State University, TT.
  6. Mendlow, Gabriel. MOTIVATION, DELIBERATION, AND WAYWARD ACTION. Postdoctoral Associate and Law Philosophy Fellow, Yale Law School and Department of Philosophy, 2 years; Connecticut Supreme Court, Law Clerk, 1 year; University of Michigan Law School, TT.
  7. Müller, Jozef. ARISTOTLE ON DECISION AND UNCONTROLLED ACTION. University of Florida, Gainesville, TT; UC Riverside, TT.
  8. Rosen, Jacob Justin. NECESSITY AND TELEOLOGY IN ARISTOTLE'S PHYSICS. New York University, Bersoff Fellowship (two years); Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, 1 year post-doc; Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, Junior Researcher, 2-year position; Harvard University, TT.
  9. Sherman, Brett Andrew. INDEXICALITY. University of Rochester, 1 year; Brandeis University, 1-year Lecturer; University of Rochester, Assistant Professor, TT.
  10. Strohl, Matthew Stephen. AN INTERPRETATION OF ARISTOTLE'S THEORY OF PLEASURE. University of Montana, TT.
  11. Zuboff, Arnold. TIME, SELF AND SLEEPING BEAUTY. Employment situation unknown.


  1. Artis, Aderemi. FRANCIS BACON AND THE SCIENTIFIC REFORMATION. 1-year MacArthur Dissertation Fellowship, Colgate University; DePaul University, Adjunct; University of Michigan - Flint, TT.
  2. Audi, Paul. BEYOND CAUSAL THEORIES OF MIND. Colgate University, one-year; University of Nebraska at Omaha, TT.
  3. Boyd, Jessica. BLAME AND BLAMEWORTHINESS. Barrister in London, England.
  4. Collister, Heather. HUMAN RIGHTS AND INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE. Researcher, South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre, New Delhi, India.
  5. Stang, Nicholas. KANT'S MODAL METAPHYSICS. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1 semester Visiting Lecturer; New York University, 1 semester Visiting Assistant Professor; University of Miami, TT; University of Toronto, TT.
  6. Thaler, Naly. PLATO ON SYNTAX AND ITS METAPHYSICAL FOUNDATIONS. University of Ben Gurion, Israel, one-year; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, TT.


  1. Burgess, Alexis George. IDENTIFYING FACT AND FICTION. Stanford University, TT.
  2. Dentsoras, Dimitrios. VIRTUE, KNOWLEDGE, AND HAPPINESS: STOIC MORAL THEORY AND ITS SOCRATIC AND PLATONIC ANTECEDENTS. American College of Thessaloniki (part time); Greek army; University of Manitoba, TT.
  3. Kang, Sung-Hoon. CONTINUITY AND DISCONTINUITY BETWEEN PROTAGORAS AND REPUBLIC: A GRADUAL DEVELOPMENT. Princeton Lecturer; various part time and/or temporary academic jobs in Korea; Inje University, research professor, 3-year position; Seoul National University, TT.
  4. Klein, Colin Vincent. IDEALIZING THE MIND. University of Illinois, Chicago, TT; Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University.
  5. Knobe, Joshua M. FOLK PSYCHOLOGY, FOLK MORALITY. UNC Chapel Hill, TT; Yale University, TT.
  7. Leslie, Sarah-Jane. GENERICS, COGNITION, AND COMPREHENSION. Princeton University, TT.
  8. Leuenberger, Stephan. CETERIS ABSENTIBUS PHYSICALISM. Australian National University, 1-year postdoc; University of Leeds, Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, Research Fellow; University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Lecturer, TT.
  10. Rothschild, Daniel H. SEMANTIC INTERACTIONS: DESCRIPTIONS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS. Columbia University, TT; Postdoctoral Fellowship, All Souls College, Oxford; Columbia University, TT.


  1. Kment, Boris C. A THEORY OF COUNTERFACTUALS AND A COUNTERFACTUAL THEORY OF NECESSITY. University of Michigan, TT; Princeton University, TT.
  2. Mole, Christopher. ATTENTION IS COGNITIVE UNISON. 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Philosophy and the Philosophy-Neuroscience- Psychology Program, Washington University in St. Louis; University College Dublin, Ireland, TT; University of British Columbia, TT.
  3. Moller, Dan. ABORTION, KILLING, AND OVERDETERMINATION: THREE ESSAYS. Johns Hopkins Greenwall Fellow at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown University (2-year post-doctoral fellowship in bioethics); University of Maryland, TT.
  5. Zaragoza, Kevin. A MORAL PSYCHOLOGY OF BLAME. Vassar College, one-year; University of Georgia, TT.


  1. Eagle, Antony Robert. ON SOME SCIENTIFIC MODALITIES: PROPENSITIES, RANDOMNESS, AND CAUSATION. Exeter College, Oxford, Fellow, continuing; University of Adelaide, Senior Lecturer.
  3. Hills, David James. THE PLEASURES OF ULTERIORITY: FOUR ESSAYS ON VERBAL METAPHOR. Employment situation unknown.
  4. Hitz, Zena. PLATO AND ARISTOTLE ON THE FAILURE OF DEMOCRACY. Auburn University, TT; University of Maryland, Baltimore County, TT.
  5. Russell, Gillian Kay. ANALYTICITY, MEANING AND PARADOX. Washington University-St. Louis, TT; UNC Chapel Hill, tenured (July 2015).
  6. Schroeder, Mark Andrew. SLAVES OF THE PASSIONS. University of Maryland-College Park, TT; University of Southern California, TT; tenured.


  1. Beere, Jonathan B. THE PRIORITY OF ACTIVE BEING: An Interpretation of Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta. University of Chicago, TT; Humboldt University of Berlin.
  2. Chwang, Eric Lee-Kuo. THE DUTY AGAINST PATERNALISM. 1.5-year Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) in the Department of Clinical Bioethics, Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health; then, University of Colorado, TT.
  3. Gilmore, Cody S. MATERIAL OBJECTS: METAPHYSICAL ISSUES. University of Nebraska, Omaha, TT; University of California, Davis, Tenured.
  4. Jauernig, Anja. LEIBNIZ FREED OF EVERY FLAW: A KANTIAN READS LEIBNIZIAN METAPHYSICS. Notre Dame University, TT; University of Pittsburgh, tenured.
  5. Kierland, Brian B. OUR CONCEPT OF MORAL CLAIM-RIGHTS. Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois TT; University of Missouri-Columbia, TT.
  6. Moss, Jessica Dawn. PLEASURE, PERSUASION AND THE GOOD IN PLATO'S GORGIAS. University of Pittsburgh, TT; Balliol College, Oxford, Fellow, continuing; NYU tenured.
  7. Speaks, Jeffrey J. THREE VIEWS OF LANGUAGE AND THE MIND. McGill University, TT.


  1. Geene, Joshua D. THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD TRUTH ABOUT MORALITY AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. Harvard University, Assistant Professor (Psychology), TT.
  2. Irvin, Sherri L. WORK AND OBJECT: THE ARTIST'S SANCTION IN CONTEMPORARY ART. University of Ottawa, visiting. Carleton University-Ottawa, two-year appointment; University of Oklahoma, TT; tenured.
  3. Jenkins, Scott D. SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS AND AGENCY IN HEGEL'S ""Phenomenology of Spirit""." Reed College, 1 year; Reed, renewed; Reed, renewed; University of Kansas, TT.
  4. Keller, Simon Tait. ON WELFARE. Boston University, TT; Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, tenured.
  5. Konopasky, Aaron. DEFENDING COGNITIVE ILLUSIONS, INDIVIDUALISM AND A TWO-FACTOR THEORY OF CONTENT. Princeton, 1-semester lecturer; University of New Orleans and Tulane University, Adjunct.  Employment situation unknown.
  6. McKeown-Green, Jonathan. THE PRIMACY OF PUBLIC LANGUAGE. University of Auckland, New Zealand, permanent.
  7. Nayding, Inga. POSITING EXISTENCE. Banking; Villanova, one-semester; Davidson College, one-year; Augustana College, TT. Employment situation unknown.
  8. O'Callaghan, Christopher John. SOUNDS. University of California-Santa Cruz, 1 year; Bates College, TT; Rice University, Tenured.



  1. Brock, Stuart. CREATURES OF FICTION. Western Washington University, TT; Victoria University of Wellington, Permanent.
  2. Dorr, Cian Sean. THE SIMPLICITY OF EVERYTHING. NYU, TT; University of Pittsburgh, TT; Oxford University, continuing; NYU, tenured.
  3. Fara, Michael Graff. DISPOSITIONS AND THEIR ASCRIPTIONS. Cornell, TT; Princeton, TT; Medical School; Medical Doctor, NYC.
  4. Hayaki, Reina. ACTUALISM AND QUANTIFIED MODAL LOGIC. Union College, Schenectady, New York, TT; Georgia State University, TT; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, TT.
  5. Hellie, Benjamin E. PRESENCE TO THE MIND: Issues in the Intentional Theory of Consciousness. Cornell, TT; University of Toronto, TT; tenured.
  6. Jeshion-Nelson, Michael Don. USING WORDS: Pragmatic Implicatures and Semantic Contents. University of Arizona, 1 year; Yale University, TT.
  7. Knapp, Angelique D. FIRST-PERSON INQUIRY. Bank consulting.
  8. Lilly, Rebecca A. REASONS FOR CARE AND ITS LOSS. Employment situation unknown.
  9. Richardson-Lear, Gabriel A. HAPPY LIVES AND THE HIGHEST GOOD: An Essay on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Yale, TT; University of Chicago, TT; tenured.
  10. Setiya, Kieran. REASONS WITHOUT RATIONALISM: A Virtue Theory of Phronesis. University of Pittsburgh, TT; tenured; MIT, TT.
  11. Smith, Nicholas Jeremy Josef. VAGUENESS. Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, permanent.


  1. Reid, Jasper William. EARLY EIGHTEENTH CENTURY IMMATERIALISM IN ITS PHILOSOPHICAL CONTEXT. British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Kings College London, 3 years; University of Essex, one-year teaching fellowship; University of Aberdeen, Scotland, continuing; King's College London (UK), continuing.
  3. Sunwoo, Hwan. MODALITY AND QUANTIFICATION: THE MODAL QUASI-REALIST APPROACH. Seoul City University, TT; Yonsei University, TT.


  1. Hawkins, Jennifer Susan. THE METAPHYSICS OF VALUE AND THE NORMATIVE ASPECT OF EXPERIENCE. Washington University - St. Louis, TT; 1 year NIH fellowship; University of Toronto, TT.
  2. Martin, Christopher John. THEORIES OF INFERENCE AND ENTAILMENT IN THE MIDDLE AGES. Employment situation unknown.
  3. Maslen, Ceiddwen Ann. CAUSES, EFFECTS, AND CONTRASTS. Utah, 1 yr.; extended for 2nd yr; Florida State University, TT.
  5. Monton, Bradley J. QUANTUM ONTOLOGY AND QUANTUM OBSERVERS. American U/Beirut, TT; U Kentucky, TT; tenured.
  6. Paul, Laurie Ann. ESSAYS ON CAUSATION. Yale, TT; University of Arizona, TT; UNC, Chapel Hill, tenured; Professorial Fellow, University of St. Andrews, School of Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies, April 2014 - March 2019 (part time, in conjunction with tenured position at UNC).
  7. Ye, Feng. STRICT CONSTRUCTIVISM AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS. Worked in computers; University of Beijing, China.


  1. Allen, James V. SEXTUS EMPIRICUS' INVESTIGATION OF SIGN-INFERENCE. Employment situation unknown.
  2. Baker, Alan R. INDISPENSABILITY AND THE EXISTENCE OF MATHEMATICAL OBJECTS. Wolfson College (Oxford), postdoc; Xavier U/Cincinnati, TT; Swarthmore, TT; tenured.
  3. Barker, John. THE INCONSISTENCY THEORY OF TRUTH. Princeton U,1 year; U Pittsburgh, 1 semester; University of Illinois-Springfield, TT.
  4. DeBellis, Mark A. MUSIC AND THE REPRESENTATIONAL CONTENT OF EXPERIENCE. Borough of Manhattan Community College, Adjunct Associate Professor, 6 months.
  5. Jollimore, Troy A. FRIENDSHIP AND AGENT RELATIVE MORALITY. Georgetown, 1 yr; UC/Davis, 1 yr.; extended; California State/Chico, TT; tenured.
  6. Joyce, Richard. THE MYTH OF MORALITY. U Sheffield (UK), Permanent; Australian National University, 5-year fellowship.
  7. Kim, Seahwa. FICTION, MATHEMATICS AND MODALITY (A UNIFIED FICTIONALISM)." Princeton U, 1 yr; Seoul National University, temporary; Seoul National University of Technology, TT; Ewha Womans University, TT.
  8. Lee, Brian Angelo. MORAL OBLIGATIONS TO PAST GENERATIONS. Princeton U, Politics Department, 1 yr; computer job, permanent.
  9. Michael, Michaelis S. THREE ESSAYS IN PHILOSOPHY. U New South Wales (Australia), Tenured.
  10. Robertson, Teresa. SKEPTICISM ABOUT DE RE MODALITY: THREE ESSAYS ON ESSENTIALISM. Reed, 3 yrs.; U Kansas, TT; tenured; UCSB TT.
  11. Thau, Michael A. BELIEF AND PERCEPTION: A UNIFIED ACCOUNT. UCLA, TT; Temple University, TT.


  1. Deckel, Garrett M. INTERNAL FREEDOM. NYU, 1 year; medical school.
  2. Delaney, Cornelius F. ESSAYS ON ETHICS AND ACTION. Arizona State University, TT; Yale Law School, JD Program 2000-2001; Visiting Scholar University of Michigan, 2005-2006; Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University 2006-2008; Visiting Assistant Professor UNLV; Lecturer Notre Dame; Visiting Scholar, Brown University 2016-17.
  3. Dimas, Panagiotis. ASCENDING TOWARD VIRTUE IN EARLIER PLATO. U York (UK), TT; U Oslo (Norway), Tenured.
  4. Kelsey, Sean Armel. CAUSATION IN PLATO AND ARISTOTLE. Iowa State, TT; UCLA, TT; tenured; Notre Dame, TT.
  5. Piller, Christian J. DEFENDING HUMEANISM. U York (UK), Permanent.
  6. Sigman, Jill. BODIES, SOULS AND ORDINARY PEOPLE: THREE ESSAYS ON ART AND INTERPRETATION. Left profession; professional dancer.


  1. Gomez Torrente, Mario. TARSKI'S DEFINITION OF LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE: HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL ASPECTS. Princeton U, 1 yr; U Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1 sem.; UNAM (Mexico), Research Position.
  2. Ismael, Jenann. ESSAYS ON SYMMETRY. Stanford, 2 yr. Post-doc; U Arizona, TT; tenured.
  4. Pryor, James V. HOW TO BE A REASONABLE DOGMATIST. Harvard, TT; Princeton, tenured; NYU, tenured.
  5. Roth, Abraham S. WHERE THE ACTION IS. Brandeis; Bryn Mawr/Haverford (part time positions); UCLA, TT; U Illinois-Chicago, TT; tenured.


  1. Barney, Rachel. A READING OF PLATO'S CRATYLUS. U Ottawa (Canada), TT; Harvard, 1 year; U Chicago, TT; U Toronto, Tenured.
  2. Hall, Edward J. COMPOSITION IN THE QUANTUM WORLD. Employment situation unknown.
  3. Kalderon, Mark E. STRUCTURE AND THE CONCEPT OF NUMBER. UC/Riverside, 1 yr.; Princeton, 1 yr; UCLA, 2 yr. Lecturer; Cal Tech, 2 yr. postdoc; University College London (UK), Permanent.
  4. Langton, Rae. KANTIAN HUMILITY. Monash (Australia); ANU (Australia); U. Sheffield (UK), Permanent; U. Edinburgh (UK), Permanent; University of Cambridge, Tenured.
  5. McGowan, Mary Kathryn. REALISM OR NON-REALISM: UNDECIDABLE IN THEORY, DECIDABLE IN PRACTICE. Duke, post-doc -U Maryland/BC, TT; Wellesley, TT; Tenured.
  6. Perring, Christian David. THE LIMITS OF IRRATIONALITY. Princeton, 1 yr; Georgetown, 2 years; U Kentucky, 2 years; Dowling College, TT, Tenured
  7. Rabbas, Oyvind. SOCRATES' QUESTION: AN ESSAY ON PLATO'S EARLY DIALOGUES. U Oslo (Norway), Tenured.
  8. Saul, Jennifer M. THE PROBLEM WITH ATTITUDES. U Sheffield (UK), Permanent.
  9. Sosa, Ernest David. REPRESENTING THOUGHTS AND LANGUAGE. Dartmouth, TT; UC/Berkeley, 1 yr.; U Texas/Austin, TT, Tenured.


  1. Holton, Richard J. LESS WORK FOR A THEORY OF SENSE. Monash (Australia); ANU (Australia); U Sheffield (UK); U. Edinburgh (UK), Permanent; University of Cambridge, Tenured.
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