Eleanor Gordon-Smith wins 2021 AAP Media Prize

July 16, 2021

For the first time in its 23-year history, the Australian Association of Philosophy Media Prize – awarded annually for the best philosophical piece(s) published by a professional philosopher in the popular media in Australasia during the previous calendar year – has been won by a graduate student: our own Eleanor Gordon-Smith.  In addition to being a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Philosophy, Australian Gordon-Smith is a published author, radio broadcaster, advice columnist for The Guardian and podcaster, who was recognized by the AAP “for the broad range of impressive, impactful, high-profile and compelling work she has produced that clearly resonates with the public.” Congratulations and well done, Eleanor!

Read the full announcement on the AAP website. Then checkout Gordon-Smith’s intriguing “Little Bad Thing” podcast and her weekly philosophical advice column “Leading Questions” in The Guardian to sample her prize-winning media work.