Haley Brennan co-hosts new philosophy podcast

Nov. 3, 2021

Fourth-year graduate student Haley Brennan is co-hosting and co-producing a new podcast from the Extending New Narratives in the History of Philosophy Partnership .
“New Voices in the History of Philosophy” is a monthly podcast of conversations with philosophers who are working on historical philosophical figures from groups that have been underrepresented or excluded in the history of European and Western philosophy: their views, what's interesting and unique about them, and how they fit in to the periods that they were a part of. The podcast also explores what it's like to learn about and promote these ideas as a philosopher today: the benefits, the challenges, and how to get going on this work.

According to Brennan, one of the most exciting things about the podcast is the ability to hear from researchers how they became interested in studying these new narratives, what it's like to teach understudied philosophers, and the bigger picture that emerges from looking at the work of those philosophers. "One big theme that is emerging from the interviews we’ve done is the really interesting and rich ways that philosophy can be done outside of the Academy," Brennan said. "The way philosophy was exhibited in, for instance, community organizing or activism or even just cooking a meal." 

Check out the "New Voices" podcast.