Hendrik Lorenz Receives Two HC Grants

May 10, 2023

Department of Philosophy Professor and Director of the Program in Classical Philosophy Hendrik Lorenz has received not one but two 2023-2024 Humanities Council grants for innovation and collaboration.

Lorenz received a Humanities Council Magic Grant to support a four-day workshop in 2024 which will bring together faculty and scholars who have contributed to research on Albertus Magnus’ De Natura Loci ("On the Nature of Place"), a key text for the history of the modern concept of race and for Iberian exploration and colonization in Africa and the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries.

He also received a multi-year Exploratory Grant in Collaborative Humanities for “Aristotle in the Humanities,” a three-year project that will build on existing links with institutions in Latin America by establishing a collaborative framework that includes faculty members and graduate students at Princeton and in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The grant will support a number of short-term graduate student researchers, as well as three workshops to be held in consecutive years in Princeton, São Paulo and Mexico City.

Read the full announcement on the Humanities Council website.