Media spotlights work by Sarah-Jane Leslie

Oct. 11, 2021

Research by Class of 1943 Professor of Philosophy Sarah-Jane Leslie was recently highlighted in a BBC podcast and an article in the journal Science.

Leslie was a guest on the October 5th episode of the BBC News World Service series The Documentary, entitled “Smart Women, Male Genius”, which explored how society does not feel that women merit the title of genius. Leslie discussed the alarming findings of her 2016 study, co-authored with NYU Professor of Psychology Andrei Cimpian, on the age at which boys and girls begin to view intelligence differently and the impact those internalized gender-based stereotypes have on the educational choices made by girls.

Building on her earlier work, a new study published last week in the Journal of Educational Psychology which Leslie co-authored (with Melis Muradoglu, Zachary Horne, Matthew Hammond and Andrei Cimpian) on the 'imposter phenomenon' and its implications for women – particularly underrepresented minority women –  was featured in the Science article “Women feel like imposters in disciplines that value ‘brilliance.’”