The Michael Smith Award

Monday, May 2, 2016

Michael Smith received the following message from Mark C. Murphy, McDevitt Professor of Religious Philosophy at Georgetown University :

"The backstory: in every upper-division undergraduate class I teach, we end the semester presenting and discussing drafts of final papers.  The student who is the most helpful to her or his fellow students receives an award, a custom-made coffee mug reflecting the course content in some way.  So in the past I've given out the Henry Sidgwick Award (for the seminar on Methods of Ethics), the Derek Parfit Award (for the seminar on Reasons and Persons), the HLA Hart Award (for philosophy of law), and the Peter van Inwagen Award (for a problem of evil seminar). This semester was Ethical Theory, and we spent half the semester reading The Moral Problem and related literature.  So a lucky student was the winner of the Michael Smith Award, pictured here.”