Michael Smith Receives Behrman Award

May 8, 2023

McCosh Professor of Philosophy Michael Smith is one of two recipients of this year's Howard T. Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities.

Established in 1975 by a gift from Dr. Howard T. Behrman, the prestigious award is presented annually to selected faculty members of Princeton's humanities departments in recognition of research, publication, teaching, or other distinguished service to the University community.

Smith joins the following members of the Department of Philosophy who have received the award since its inception:

G. Vlastos (1975-6)
T. S. Kuhn (1976-7)
S. A. Kripke (1987-8)
D. Lewis (1990-1)
Μ. D. Wilson (1993-4)
B. Van Fraassen (1994-5)
A. Nehamas (1998-9)
P. Benacerraf (1999-2000)
J. M. Cooper (2003-4)
G. H. Harman (2008-9)
K. Anthony Appiah (2009-10)
M. Johnston (2017-18)

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Congratulations Michael!