Placement record 2014 -- Updated 6/16

Saturday, Apr 5, 2014

Here is a list of current placements.  The list will be kept up-to-date, so check in for more news in the coming weeks.

(new!) Ashley Atkins -- tenure track at Western Michigan University, with a one-year deferral for a post-doc at Simon Frazier University. AOS: Philosophy of Language.

Mark Budolfson, post-doc in Values and Public Policy in the Woodrow Wilson School and Center for Human Values, Princeton Unversity. AOS: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy. Previously Post-doc at Stanford University.

Adam Crager -- tenure track at UCLA. AOS: Ancient Philosophy, Logic

Andrew Huddleston -- tenure track at Birkbeck, University of London. AOS: 19th Cent. Continental Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche), Aesthetics, Ethics. Previously Michael Cohen Career Development Fellow at Exeter College, Oxford.

Sung-Hoon Kang -- tenure track at Seoul National University. AOS: Ancient Philosophy.

Errol Lord -- tenure track at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). AOS: Ethical Theory, Epistemology, Philosophy of Action. Previously Post-doc at Franklin & Marshall College (Love and Human Agency Project).

Barry Maguire Research Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill (renewable for up to five years). AOS: Ethics, Metaethics, Political Theory. Previously a Bersoff Fellow at NYU.

Corey Maley -- tenure track at The University of Kansas, Lawrence. AOS: Moral Psychology

(new!) David Nowakowski -- Visiting Assistant Professor at Colby College. AOS: Classical Indian Philosophy.

(new!) Jacob Rosen -- tenure track at Harvard. AOS: Ancient Philosophy. Previously  Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Humboldt University.

Mor Segev -- tenure track at the University of South Florida. AOS: Ancient Philosophy

Nick Stang -- tenure track at the University of Toronto. AOS: Kant, Metaphysics. Previously tenure-track at the University of Miami.

Noel Swanson -- tenure track at the University of Delaware. AOS: Philosophy of Physics

Helen Yetter-Chappell -- tenure track at York University (UK). AOS: Philosophy of Mind. Previously tenure track at Bowling Green University.

Richard Yetter Chappell -- tenure track at York University (UK). AOS: Ethics. Previously tenure track at Bowling Green University.

Congratulations to one and all!

Information about the Department's fourteen placements in 2013, as well as previous years, is available here: