Works by three Princeton philosophers make OUP’s “Best of 2020”

Monday, Jan 4, 2021

Papers by graduate student Michal Masny, Professor Adam Elga and the late David Lewis were included on the Oxford University Press Philosophy “Best of 2020” list.

Masny’s paper, “On Parfit’s Wide Dual Person-Affecting Principle,” was published in The Philosophical Quarterly (January 2020). Professor Elga’s paper, “Newcombe University: A play in one act,” appeared in Analysis (April 2020). The Outline of “Nihil Obstat: An Analysis of Ability” by David Lewis, dated January 2001, is part of The David Lewis Papers archive at Princeton University Library and was published (with permission from the Estate of Steffi Lewis) in the July 2020 issue of The Monist.

The complete Oxford University Press Philosophy “Best of  2020” list (with links to the above papers) can be found here.