Arlyss Gease *16


Organization: Unbundle Studio

Professional area/s: business, consulting, technology, startups.

Arlyss completed his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton in 2016 with a focus on ethics.

After Princeton, Arlyss spent two years working as an analyst at Altman Vilandrie (now Altman Solon), a management consulting firm focused on the telecom, media, and technology industries. In 2018 he joined Thinkful, an online coding bootcamp, where he established the internal finance team leading up to the company’s acquisition by Chegg in 2019. He then worked on marketing and growth analytics for Thinkful within Chegg Skills, the company’s business unit focused on alternative forms of career-focused education.

Arlyss is currently working as an independent consultant, advising startups and startup investors on finance, analytics, and business operations.