Barry Lam *07


Organization: UC Riverside/Slate Magazine and Podcasts

Professional area/s: academia, media production.

Barry Lam is the host and executive producer of Hi-Phi Nation, a story-driven podcast about philosophy, at Slate Magazine. He is also an Associate Director of the Marc Sanders Foundation, a 501 c(3) charity that promotes excellence in philosophy and public philosophy around the world.

A former program director and general manager at KUCI 88.9FM, Barry also gives intensive workshops in podcast production – particularly for philosophers, professors, and higher-education media producers – and does some magazine writing on the side.
Barry was Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College for 16 years before recently moving to UC-Riverside as Professor of Philosophy.  He is currently a visiting faculty member of Princeton’s Department of Philosophy (Spring 2023), where he is piloting a graduate course on creating philosophy for a public audience in print and other media.