Graduate Student Representatives and Committees

Each Spring the graduate students in the Philosophy Department elect two of their number to serve as Graduate Student Representatives for the following academic year.

Graduate Student Representatives 2022-23

Colin Bradley
[email protected]

Ian McKeachie
[email protected]


The Graduate Student Representatives are expected to:

  • attend department meetings where they act as liaisons between graduate students and faculty, communicating the needs of the graduate students to faculty members and participating in departmental decisions, including decisions about the graduate curriculum, on behalf of the graduate students.
  • serve on the Appointments Committee where they play a role in the hiring choices of the department.
  • solicit volunteers for departmental committees that require graduate student members, including the committee responsible for organizing the annual Princeton-Rutgers Graduate Philosophy Conference.
  • assist in the recruitment of prospective graduate students, including initial communication about visits and arranging appointments and lodging.
  • welcome incoming graduate students by answering any questions they may have about the program, organizing orientation activities, and pairing them with older students in their areas of interest.
  • perform other responsibilities as required.

Graduate Student Committees 2022-23

PhilSoc (2) Kieran Britt, Daniel Klugman
Social (2) Calvin Baker, Sam Fullhart
Course Allocation (2; Grad Reps) Colin Bradley, Ian McKeachie
Classical Philosophy (2) Giulia Weißmann, Che Li
Early Modern Philosophy (1) Connor Tannas
Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) (1) Gabriel Broughton
COMPASS (2) Alice van't Hoff, Dane Stocks
Graduate Representatives (2) Colin Bradley, Ian McKeachie
Prospectives' Visit Committee (2) Fanhao Meng, Lauren Miano
(MLE) Reading Group (1)
Sebastian Liu
Job Market Gifts (1-2) Brendan Kolb
Prospective Visits Gender Minority (1) Open
BIPOC Breakfasts/Meetings (1) Open
GSG Rep (1) Pietro Cibinel

The Committees have no chairs.