Melissa Lane

Class of 1943 Professor of Politics
Department of Politics
Director, University Center for Human Values
Office Phone
302 Laura Wooten Hall

Specialization: Political theory Melissa Lane joined the Department of Politics in 2009. Her philosophical and teaching interests focus on ancient Greek and Roman political thought and its modern reception, while also extending to issues in contemporary normative theory focused around knowledge and accountability, most recently on the ethics of scientific communication. Her books include Eco-Republic: What the Ancients Can Teach Us about Ethics, Virtue, and Sustainable Living (Princeton, 2012); Plato's Progeny: How Plato and Socrates still captivate the modern mind (Duckworth, 2001); and Method and Politics in Plato's Statesman (Cambridge, 1998). She is co-editor of Politeia in Greek and Roman Philosophy (Cambridge, 2013, with Verity Harte) and A Poet's Reich: Politics and Culture in the George Circle (Camden House, 2011, with Martin A. Ruehl). She has published in journals including Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Journal of the History of Ideas, History of Political Thought, Revue Française d'Histoire des Idées Politiques, Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik/Annual Review of Law and Ethics and Cardozo Law Review. Before coming to Princeton, Professor Lane taught at the University of Cambridge, where she received her PhD in Philosophy. She has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University. At Princeton, she serves inter alia on the executive committees of the Program in Classical Philosophy, the Program in Political Philosophy, and the University Center for Human Values.