Princeton Philosophy Graduate Alumni Network

The Department of Philosophy is committed to supporting our graduate students on their career paths.  Resources like our Placement Committee and Placement Handbook provide assistance to Ph.D. candidates and recent graduates pursuing a career in academic philosophy.

The Princeton Philosophy Graduate Alumni Network will expand that commitment and support through a network of graduate alumni working to some extent in fields other than academia. The graduate alumni on this page have expressed their willingness to provide advice and information to current graduate students and other alumni about careers beyond the college classroom.

The Graduate School at Princeton has instituted a formal mentorship program, GradFutures, for students who seek a more intensive, on-going connection to alumni mentors.  With the creation of our Graduate Alumni Network, the department hopes to supplement that program by providing information and support to our graduate students who may be in the early stages of considering options beyond the "default path" of philosophy teaching. Click on the name or photo of alumni listed below to read a short bio and the professional areas in which they are happy to share their experience and advice. 

If you are a Department of Philosophy graduate student or alumni who would like to reach out to a member of the Graduate Alumni Network on this page – or an alum who would like to join the PPGAN in support of philosophy graduate students exploring careers outside of academia – please contact Nancy Groll.