Wendy Liu, '09


When you first came to Princeton what did you think your major would be?

I thought that I would be a math major.  I was drawn to the analytical reasoning in mathematics, and Princeton's mathematics department was (and still is) top-notch.

What made you decide to major in Philosophy?

I really enjoyed the analytical reasoning that also was present in philosophy, and I found the topics I studied in philosophy to be interesting and relevant.  I liked to write and to think, and I became very interested in the intersection of philosophy and global issues.

Are there any stories about your experiences as a Philosophy major at Princeton that you would like to share?

I had so much fun during precept discussions in my philosophy classes.  To this day, I occasionally reflect on the intellectual energy that was present in those conversations.

What did you do immediately after leaving Princeton?

I taught English at a university in China with Princeton in Asia.  I wanted to go abroad for a gap year, and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do so.

What do you do now?

I'm an attorney.  I'm working currently for a fabulous judge in Nashville, and I'll clerk again next year for another fabulous judge in New York City.

Final words?

Philosophy's one of those subjects that helps frame how you think and write:  the analytical rigor that I developed through studying philosophy has been invaluable.  But philosophy's also one of those subjects that can spark a conversation with nearly everyone you meet:  the study of philosophy touches on themes present in everyday experiences.