Fall 2021 Courses

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 202/CHV 202 Introduction to Moral Philosophy Lerner 12:30-1:20pm T,Th  TBD          
PHI 203 Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology Lederman 3:30-4:20pm M,W TBD        
PHI 304 An Examination of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason Hogan 1:30-2:50pm T,Th TBD   
PHI 313 Theory of Knowledge Holguin
(post doc)
3:00-4:20pm T,Th TBD          
PHI 315/CHV 315 /CGS 315 Philosophy of Mind Staff 10:00-10:50am T,Th TBD          
PHI 325 Philosophy of Religion Buchak 1:30-2:50pm M,W  TBD          
PHI 332/POL 401/ECS 314 Early Modern Philosophy:  Hobbes and Spinoza Garber 11:00-12:20pm T,Th TBD
PHI 334/ LIN 334 Semantics Stojnic 1:30-2:50pm T,Th TBD
PHI 411/CHV 411/POL 407 Free Speech in the Internet Age Brison 1:30-4:20pm Th TBD
AAS 201/PHI 291 African American Studies and the Philosophy of Race Glaude 12:30-1:20pm M,W TBD
CHV 310/ PHI 385 Practical Ethics Singer 11:00-11:50am M,W TBD

Junior Seminars:  McGeer, McGrath, Smith

Date of Update: 3.4.2021