Fall 2022*

Subject to change

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 202/CHV 202 Introduction to Moral Philosophy Moore 1:30-2:20 M,W TBD
PHI 203 Introduction Metaphysics and Epistemology Lederman 1:30-2:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 208/AAS 209 Race,Racism, and Racial Justice Dror 11:00-11:50 M,W        TBD
PHI 306/COM 393 Nietzsche Yonover 1:30-2:20 M,W TBD
PHI 322/CGS 322 Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences Leslie 11:00-12.20 T,Th TBD
PHI 326/HUM 326/ COM 363 Philosophy of Art Smith/Shea CTI 11:00-12:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 327 Philosophy of Physics Halvorson 11:00-12:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 332 Early Modern Philosophy Garber/Brennan CTI 11:00-11:50  M,W TBD
PHI 335/CHV335/ HLS 338 Greek Ethical Theory Lorenz 11:00-12:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 340  Philosophical Logic Burgess 11:00-12:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 352/CGS 352 Philosophy of Bias: Psychology, Epistemology, and Ethics of Stereotypes Helton 1:30-2:20 T,Th TBD
PHI 380/CHV 380 Explaining Values McGeer 1:30-4:20 Th TBD
AAS 201/PHI 291 African American Studies and the Philosophy of Race Eddie Glaude Jr./Imani Perry 12:30-1:20 M,W TBD
CHV 367/POL 475 / PHI 368 A Democratic Philosophy Pettit   1:30-4:20 W TBD