Fall 2023 (Tentative)

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 203 Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology Rosen/Kelly  TBD TBD
PHI 205/CLA 205 HLS 208 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy Lorenz/Kotwick (cla) TBD TBD
PHI 304 Philosophy of Kant Yonover TBD TBD
PHI 311 Personal Identity Johnston TBD TBD
PHI 321  Philosophy of Science Builes TBD TBD
PHI 322/CGS 323 Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences Leslie TBD TBD
PHI 323/MAT 306 Advanced Logic Burgess TBD TBD
PHI 326/HUM 326/COM 363 Philosophy of Art  Smith TBD TBD
PHI 335/CHV 335 Philosophical Analysis since 1950  Bobzien TBD TBD
PHI 405 Longtermism, existential risk, and the future of humanity CTI: Elga/Baker TBD TBD