Fall 2024

Course IDCourse TitleProfessorDay/TimeLocation
PHI 200Philosophy and the Modern MindBrewerM,W 11:00-11:50pmTBD
PHI 202/CHV 202Introduction to Moral PhilosophyGordon-SmithT,TH 1:30-2:20pmTBD
PHI 210Introduction to Feminist PoliticalDrorM,W 10:00-10:50pmTBD
PHI 305Consciousness, the Mind-Body Problem, and the SelfRech, RosenW 1:30-4:20pmTBD
PHI 326/HUM 326/COM 363Philosophy of ArtSmithM,W 3:00-4:20pmTBD
PHI 332/ECS 305Early Modern PhilosophyGarberM,W 1:30-2:20pmTBD
PHI 363/REL  393Religion and Scientific ObjectivityHalvorson/QuanbeckM,W 1:30-2:50pmTBD