Spring 2023 *Tentative

Course ID Course Title Professor Day/Time Location
PHI 200 Philosophy and the Modern Mind Kerr (Postdoc) TBD TBD
PHI 201 Introduction to Logic Stojnic TBD TBD
PHI 209 The Demands of Rationality CIT: Kelly/Liu TBD TBD
PHI 301 Aristotle Kranzelbinder TBD TBD
PHI 304 Kant's Political Philosophy CTI: Hogan/ Bradley TBD TBD
PHI 307  Systematic Ethics Smith TBD TBD
PHI 314 Philosophy of Mathematics Burgess TBD TBD
PHI 318 Metaphysics Kment TBD TBD
PHI 339 Philosophical Analysis since 1950  Kment TBD TBD
PHI 371 Philosophical Foundations of Probabilty and Decision Theory CTI: Elga/Cibinel TBD TBD
PHI xxx Podcasting the Humanities Lam TBD TBD
PHI 401 Idealism Yonover (Postdoc) TBD TBD
PHI 403 Machine Intelligence Leslie TBD TBD
HUM xxx/PHIxxx Ironic Voices: Socrates & Cavafy Nehamas TBD TBD
REL 2xx/PHI xxx Religion, Ethics, Animals Harman TBD TBD

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